Josh Dueck

Olympian – Para-Alpine

Through my life and actions I want to show and inspire others to break down barriers and create freedom from their own disabilities. I am learning that we all have disabilities on many levels of human experience, including emotional, spiritual, and physical. I am finding that my story and the constant pursuit of adventure inspires people to achieve goals they could not imagine ā€” to break barriers, find freedom ā€” and push the limits of their own personal abilities.

Iā€™m passionate about inspiring others to see the opportunity to make change and I want to use my personal story to impact people from all walks of life. I have found that being able to share my story, and show my journey is inspiring and helps people take that next step into hope. Hope is such a powerful tool in change.

Josh’s Story


  • X-Games Gold Medalist – 2011
  • Olympic Silver Medalist – 2010
  • World Downhill Champion – 2009