Steve Omischl

Steve is one of the greatest aerialist ever to live. He has stood on the podium at an unheard of 40 World Cup events and has won four overall World Cup titles. He also has four World Championship medals. In 2005 he won gold in Ruka, Finland and was crowned World Champion. Among all his hardware Steve has competed in three Olympic games, which highlights even more the longevity of his illustrious career. Steve is a perfectionist, strategist and hard worker. He has experienced glory that most of us only dream of, but he’s also experienced crippling defeat.



  • Ruka, Finland 2005, World Championships – Gold Medal
  • Inawashiro, Japan 2009, World Championships – Silver Medal
  • Madonna di Campiglio, Italy 2007, World Championships – Bronze Medal
  • Deer Valley, USA 2003, World Championships – Bronze Medal